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    Contract #17.13 - TES

    Norcostco provides a broad line of quality theatrical equipment and services that includes: stage lighting, stage drapery and rigging systems/solutions, miscellaneous equipment and supplies, site and safety inspections, installation and programming. 

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    Membership Benefits

    Stage Lighting - 10% discount
    Stage Rigging - 10% discount
    Drapery - 10% discount
    Custom Drapery - 7% discount
    Miscellaneous equipment and supplies - 10% discount

    How to Order

    Place orders with Becky Bechel | 763-544-0601 x 1007 | [email protected]

    You must reference the CPC contract to receive the discount.

    Click here to see Norcostco's website. 

    Company Profile

    "Norcostco is a national theatrical supply company based in Minnesota. We pride ourselves on the level and quality of service we provide each of our customers. Every inquiry, pricing request, order, or return receives prompt accurate attention from our professional staff." Norcostco has been serving customers since 1884.