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    Contract #18.2 - FMS

    Under this contract, NDESC members will have all labor, materials, hardware, software, training, documentation and technical support to implement Global Positioning System/Automatic Vehicle Location (GPS/AVL) fleet solution at their school or agency. The cloud-based services make it easier for fleet managers to stay connected to drivers and operators to dispatch.   

    Member Benefits

    • 10% off most hardware
    • 10% off most accessories
    • 10% off services

    How to Order

    Contact Zonar Sales Operations

    Charles Garland | charles.garland@zonarsystems.com 


    Company Profile 

    Founded in 2001, Zonar has pioneered smart fleet management solutions. The company works with commercial vehicle and school bus fleet managers across the country to increase compliance, safety, efficiency and savings. As one of North America's largest telemetrics companies, Zonar's mission is to bring the most advanced technology, greatest value and the best possible service to members.