•  Hillyard

    Contract #019-B
    Members purchasing through Hillyard will be provided the highest quality products at a very competitive price. They will also be provided training and support from the most knowledgeable Account Managers in the Custodial/Housekeeping Supply industry. Our goal is to reduce your overall cost, while improving the overall level of clean within your facilities. This helps create a clean, safe, healthy environment.
    For more information, please go to: https://www.hillyard.com


    Member Benefits
    Discount varies by item
    Highlights include:

    • 3M: 25% off Floor Pads, Hand Pads & Accessories
    • GoJo: 10% off Entire GoJo Brand/Catalog
    • Hillyard Products: Cleaners & Chemicals, Restroom Cleaning Equipment, Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer, Dispensers, Floor Equipment, Gator Matting, Floor Stripping Pads, Floor Stripping Chemical, Floor Polish Accessories, Tile & Grout Cleaners
    • Nilfish-Advance: 21% Entire Nilfisk-Advance Brand/Catalog
    • Rubbermaid: 35% Entire Rubbermaid Brand/Catalog


    How to Order
    Orders can be placed a number of different ways. Please reference Contract #019-B
    1. Contact Customer Service: (800) 666-2744
    2. Hillyard online ordering portal (HillyardB2B) - please contact customer service to be set up via this option

    Contact: Tim Johnson | 800-666-2744 | [email protected]


    Company Profile
    Founded in 1907, Hillyard is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and hygiene solutions. Helping people deliver clean, safe, healthy facilities is our purpose, passion and focus. It’s how we help improve outcomes, lower cleaning costs, and deliver results that stakeholders demand. Learn more at www.hillyard.com