• National Business Furniture

    Contract#: 018-D
    Solicitation Type:  IFB 018-D Furniture
    Category: Furniture
    Description: National Business Furniture will make available a wide range of furniture products for schools, governmental agencies and nonprofits.
    Maturity Date: 2/28/2022

    Contract documents
    AEPA IFB 018-D Furniture (Audit Packet)
    Contract Offer & Award (2018)
    Contract Extension (2019)
    Contract Extension (2020)
    Contract Extension (2021)

    This contract was established through an Invitation for Bids which was competitively solicited, reviewed and awarded by AEPA. It was done in accordance with Chapter 54-40.3 of the North Dakota Century Code and allows North Dakota members to purchase products from the contract without bidding.