• Clarke

     AEPA Nationally Bid, Locally Awarded according to Competitive Bidding Requirements
    Clarke offers large custodial floor cleaning equipment.
    How To Order
    To access your member discount of 22-33% off of the catalog list price, contact your sales representative below. Make sure to reference that you are an AEPA member through the North Dakota Educators Service Cooperative when place your order. 
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    Sales Contact
    Doug Christian
    Phone 630-639-8846
    Ordering Contact
    Government Customer Service
    Phone 888-742-8470
    FAX  800-369-0458
    *Please identify yourself as an AEPA member 
    Clarke Product Group
    Company Profile 
    Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. is proud to have been selected by AEPA to provide Clarke floor cleaning equipment to AEPA members. We look forward to providing floor cleaning solutions for members of the AEPA community with Clarke cleaning equipment.

    Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. is a supplier for world class floor cleaning equipment. Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. is continually developing innovative products for industrial and commercial floor cleaning applications, products that deliver high cleaning productivity, multi-tasking capabilities, and easy maintenance. In addition, our extensive local dealer network offers top-notch service and expertise in everything from cleaning program analysis to “how-to” answers for your toughest applications. 


    Nilfisk Advance