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    MCD Solutions offers Panasonic monitoring and surveillance cameras, equipment, accessories, and installation services.
    Company Profile
    MCD Solutions is a technology company located in the upper Midwest since 1985. We utilize the best of breed, most reliable technologies available for Video Surveillance and Security Solutions from concept to completion. 
    Surveillance and Security  
    Safe Academic Environment:
    Panasonic’s surveillance camera will protect your students and staff from the threat of harassment and violence. The 24-hour live monitoring system prevents intruders at night and the alarm feature prevents intruders from escaping. Able to withstand violent impact, Panasonic’s cameras offer all the necessary features to maintain a peaceful environment within the academic institution.
    ghgdnh Panasonic  
    The Safety of students and staff is vital for every school. Panasonic Network Camera's distinctive quality and flexibility effectively reduce the threat of harassment and violence. Suitable for monitoring school play-grounds, buses, hallways, training gym, lunches and classrooms. Ensures the safety of students and staff, and prevents damages to school property.
      Video Insight

    Create a Safe City:
    Create a city where residents feel protected and improve the image of the city by guaranteeing safety. In a city where nobody can predict what will happen next, it is crucial to be prepared for all occasions by monitoring with a surveillance camera. Panasonic’s IP camera will provide safety to the city’s residents by recording clear images even during fog and rain.
    Access Control  
    Designing for Educational Security:
    Stop unwanted intruders at the front door by implementing an Aiphone video intercom system. Our video options provide the ability to see and speak with visitors before letting them in your school. Include classroom communication, bell scheduling, and paging for an entire campus, while also providing complete access control to multiple schools at the district level.
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    Designing for Government Security:
    Keep doors locked and identify visitors before authorizing them into your facility. Aiphone systems provide entry security and communication to government buildings at any of the three levels: local, federal, or abroad.
      Aiphone Systems
    infinias™ Makes Access Control Easy.
    Simply install an eIDC32 door controller in a double-gang box at your door, and connect to the nearest network switch via a single CAT5/6 cable. Add one or more doors anywhere your network goes, making it easy and cost effective to expand your access control system as your needs grow — or as your budget allows. Combine with our browser-based access management software for a scalable solution that can be deployed in a single building or across multiple locations.

    Evidence Capture  
    Panasonic Arbitrator Body Wearable Cameras:
    The Arbitrator® BWC protects your officers with HD-quality video evidence capture they can wear. Engineered with upgraded features based on real officers’ feedback, the Arbitrator BWC provides 130 degrees of evidence capture with GPS metadata, pre- and post-event recording and WiFi for easy offloading. When paired with the Arbitrator 360° HD in-car digital video recording system and the Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) software suite, it represents a comprehensive video evidence capture solution for your agency.

    Panasonic Arbitrator 360 HD :
    The Arbitrator 360° HD in-car digital video recording system integrates Full HD, 1080p, high-quality video evidence capture, storage, transfer and file management to serve as a complete digital evidence solution. With the industry’s highest video quality, 360 degrees of evidence capture and military-tested durability, the Panasonic Arbitrator 360° HD is the clear choice for mobile evidence capture and management.

     9 Megapixel 360 degree Network Camera   Panasonic iPro Video
     9 Megapixel 360 Degree Network Camera  Panasonic iPro Video

    For more information on MCD's security solutions, visit: www.mcdsolutions.biz 


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