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    Connecting Point offers security and alerting solutions (Audio Enhancement),
    Axis surveillance cameras, equipment, accessories, and installation services.
    How To Order
    Contact your account team member for additional information on how the SAFE System and EduCam360 can impact your organization. Call today to schedule a walk-through. Make sure you ask to use Contract #16.4 SMS
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    Mary Kay Robinson | 701-258-6689 | MRobinson@connectingpoint.biz

    Member Benefits

    • Eliminate the bid process; pre-bid through a competitive bidding process
    • Pre-determined member pricing
    • Solutions to impact your safety
    • 35+ years of business with staff dedicated to NDESC
    Company Profile
    Connecting Point Computer Center is your complete technology solutions provider. Connecting Point offers a wide range of products and services to meet members' needs. Safety in our classrooms is a top priority for schools across America. In an effort to keep our children safe, Connecting Point Computer Center has been awarded a contract to keep teachers and classrooms connected to first responders for quick response in emergency situations.
    SAFE System 
    The Security Alert for Education (SAFE) System is an alert notification system.  The use of a built-in alert button on the transmitter, teachers can discreetly send a signal for help.
    SAFE System includes:  Receiver/amplifier, teardrop microphone, monitoring station, and either a network adaptor or security camera. 
     SAFE System
    EduCam 360
    The EduCam 360, with its rolling lens cover is the only camera embraced by Teacher’s Unions across the United States; this camera has already been installed in classrooms in 39 states.  It can be customized to process alert notifications according to each school district policy. Camera Lens  
    A Full Security Solution
    Connecting Point offers members a full security solution:  SAFE System, VIEWpath, EduCam 360, and Axis security cameras.  The system is modular and can be installed in stages or all at once.  Connecting Point can also tie the system into your school’s current intercom, PA system, and bells; saving up to $1,000 when building or remodeling.
     Audio Enhancement  Axis