• Retrofit

    Contract # 24.7-REC
    Retrofit Environmental, a division of The Retrofit Companies, Inc. offers Universal and Regulated Waste Recycling Services.
    TRC is your source for disposal of the following items:

    • Fluorescent and HID lamps
    • Electronics
    • Mercury Waste
    • Ballasts and PCB materials
    • Batteries
    • Appliances
    • Hazardous Waste including paints, chemicals, cleaners and more

    Member Benefits 
    Members requesting the CPC contract receive the following benefits:

    • Significant discount on custom environmental service 
    • Quick response time and high-quality personal services
    • Compliance and transparency: safe handling and proper waste disposal
    • All documentation and usage reports required for safety and regulatory compliance provided by TRC
    • One call puts members in touch with one vendor who can handle all waste streams

    Pricing lists are available for Retrofit in the Express Online Marketplace.

    How to Order
    For more information and to schedule a meeting, contact your sales representatives listed at right. They will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding both lighting and/or recycling.

    Account Team Contact
    Serving MN, ND, SD: Michelle Gwin | 507-414-5158 or 800-795-1230 | mgwin@retrofitcompanies.com
    Serving Twin Cities Metro: Adam Lundahl | 612-756-2006 or 800-795-1230 | alundahl@retrofitcompanies.com

    Company Profile
    Retrofit Environmental, a division of The Retrofit Companies, Inc., operates in Little Canada, MN. Our team develops customized recycling and disposal solutions for organizations across the U.S. Services include industrial cleaning (tanks), waste identification and profiling, packaging, project management and disposal. Our flexibility and top-notch level of customer service makes waste management easy for clients, both public and private. With our unique blend of expertise and resources, we ensure that all projects, no matter the size or scope are completed as promised and on time.

    Contract Offerings
    TRC offers disposal of the following items: Fluorescent and HID lamps; Electronics; Mercury Waste; Ballasts and PCB materials; Batteries; Appliances; Hazardous Waste including paints, chemicals, cleaners and more