How to Order
    Start a complimentary 30-day trial at TeachingBooks.net/30DayTrial
    Members can place an order at TeachingBooks.net.  Be sure to reference "AEPA" when placing an order.
    Connect with Your Account Team
    Ray Roushar
    Business Development Coordinator
    608-257-2919 or 800-596-0710
    Member Benefits
    Members receive a discount off list price which is $500 annually for a single school.
    Discounts may be applied on a district wide or consortium basis. For example:
    • 2 schools 4% discount
    • 5 schools 33.2% discount
    • 10 schools 48.2% discount
    • 20 schools 65.3% discount 
    • 75 participating schools 78% discount
    • 100 participating schools 79.6% discount  
    Company Profile  
    TeachingBooks.net is an extensive database of literacy resources and tools that enrich K-12 reading and library instruction. The focus of the service is supporting students achievement, fusing reading and technology, and offering meaningful professional development for the teaching of books.  Learn more here.