Kajeet offers filtered, mobile, educational broadband for off campus use and use on buses.
    Education Broadband
    How to Order
    Complete the Kajeet CPC request form or email us at [email protected]. Refer to CPC Contract #: 16.15 - EDB.
    You may also use the email to ask questions about this product. 
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    Member Benefits 
    Members receive:
    20% discount on SmartSpot® mobile devices
    10% discount on Education Broadband™ data services. 
    Data Plans:
    Kajeet also offers a SmartBus solution. 
    Company Profile
    Kajeet is the only wireless service provider in America dedicated solely to providing safe, filtered mobile connectivity for students needing to use online resources to complete coursework at home and on the bus. Education Broadband™ is currently being used in more than 150 districts and schools around the country. 
    The Education Broadband solution includes a Kajeet SmartSpot® device (a Wi-Fi hotspot) and a cloud portal with controls that enable school districts to provide education-only filtered Internet access that is compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Kajeet products bridge the gap for those students who do not have Internet access at home. Kajeet partners with all four major carriers for coverage, enabling schools to connect their students to any device, anywhere. www.kajeet.net
    School administrators can read more about supporting students and families in out-of-school learning here: http://www.kajeet.net/download-digital-equity-toolkit