• Laser Systems
    Contract # 17.6-ECM
    Laser Systems offers a user-friendly enterprise content management solution that is able to image, automate and improve document management capabilities across local school districts, governmental agencies and nonprofits. These products will be available to participating agencies at consortium level discounted pricing.

    Member Benefits
    Discount pricing on software package IntelliCloud powered by Intellinetics, Inc. and initial configuration costs.

    • With IntelliCloud your important documents are now fully secure, backed up and authorized access is limited to select users.
    • Operational costs fall dramatically by reducing wasted time filing and retrieving documents and eliminating lost and misfiled documents. 
    • IntelliCloud can be fully implemented and production ready in mere days, and will deliver tremendous value to your organization immediately. All interfaces are user friendly and intuitive which reduces training time and maximizes full adoption.
    • IntelliCloud works in harmony with all current work processes and is also an excellent catalyst to improve outmoded processes. 

    Key Features:

    • Document storage is cloud based (optional private cloud and in-house storage)
    • IntelliCloud has many pre-built workflows which are designed for specialized needs
    • One button Integration with most multifunction printers/ scanners
    • Additional users and departments can be easily added
    • IntelliCloud delivers value day one.
    • When using IntelliCloud all documents are fully searchable
    • Audit Shield TM is a comprehensive exception reporting engine that identifies missing documents quickly and easily

    Read more in the Intellinetics handbook for leaders

    How to Order
    Jeff Nichols  
    Contact Jeff Nichols
    800-726-1764 | cell 701-412-2691


    Company Profile

    Based in the Red River Valley, Laser Systems is able to help you take full advantage of digital document technology. Their friendly and experienced staff members will assess the individual needs of your agency or school to customize document output and storage solutions.