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    Contract #018-D

    National Business Furniture will make available a wide range of furniture products for schools, governmental agencies and nonprofits. Quality furniture and unparalleled service during and after the sale is assured by the team of furniture experts at NBF.

    Member Benefits

    • $0-$2,500                  2% discount
    • $2,501-$10,000          3% discount
    • $10,001-$30,000        5% discount
    • $30,001-$100,000      8% discount
    • $100,001-$250,000   10% discount 


    How to Order

    Reference Cooperative Purchasing Connection or Contract #018-D when placing an order or requesting information.

    Orders can be emailed to patties@nbf.com or faxed to 800-329-9349.

    Orders can also be mailed to National Business Furniture 770 S. 70th Street Milwaukee, WI 53214. 

    For additional information on products call 800-558-1010 or visit www.nationalbusinessfurniture.com

    Local Contact Information

    Karen Gonyea 612-554-0848 | kareng@nbf.com