• Facility Solutions Group

    Contract #AEPA 018-B

    Facility Solutions Group offers CPC participants discounted pricing on LED lighting materials, installation and energy audits. 

    Member Benefits

    As one of the largest lighting distributors in the United States, FSG gives you access to most major brands at competitive contract prices. Products include: 

    • Type A and Type B LED Tubes
    • LED lamps
    • Outdoor LED fixtures
    • Recessed LED panels
    • LED gym lights

    To review products go to www.AEPA.lighting

    How to Order

    To place an order: 

    Send an email with your agency name, the items requested and reference #AEPA 018-B, to AEPA@FSGI.com

    Call 855-642-1109 and Press 1

    Account Team (all available at 855-642-1109)

    General Inquiries

    • Fred Kondash
    • Chance Parker

    Pricing Requests

    • Barbara Novak