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    Contract #018.5-A

    Best Plumbing Specialties provides internal repair plumbing parts and maintenance products as well as plumbing specialties such as: plumbing brass, plumbing fixtures and parts, plumbing trim, rubber goods, valves and vacuum breakers. they care complete fixtures, drinking fountains, chemicals, caulking, HVAC, partition parts and panels, toilets urinals and more. 

    Member Benefits

    20% discount on catalog items including:

    • Chemicals 
    • Service parts
    • Partition Hardware

    How to Order

    Reference Contract #018.5A

    Email to [email protected]

    Phone: 800-448-6710

    Mail to PO Box 30 Myersville, MD  21770

    Account Team

    Missy Baugher

    Customer Service Manager


    Company Profile 

    Established in 1962, Best Plumbing Specialties has hundreds of thousands of repair parts at your disposal. Their products are used in educational facilities, office buildings, correctional facilities, healthcare complexes and multi-residential housing. Request a catalog or view products at