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    Contract #F19-SDS

    NDESC members will have access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Depot through Resource Training and Solutions (RTS) Service Cooperative at negotiated consortium level pricing. SDS Depot is a solution to managing chemical inventories and safety data sheets.

    How to Order

    Purchasing Agency should contact Customerservice@sdsdepot.org 

    • Agency will provide current chemical inventories, including chemical name, manufacturer, part or serial number and ISBN (barcode).
    • RTS will upload all SDS documentation into the Depot site established for the agency and/or applicable building.
    • RTS will provide full acess to the purchasing agency's Depot site.
    • RTS will provide an annual report at the end of the fiscal year or at the renewal process for all chemicals on an agency's site.

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    Member Benefit

    20% discount is reflected in pricing below

    Pricing Schedule:

    • SDS Depot 1 to 5 buildings - $560.00 annually
    • Additional building - $80.00 annually
    • Scanner rental - $25.00 per day
    • Chemical inventory - Negotiated
    • Missing SDS request - $72.00 per hour