• Trinity3

    Contract #19.5-T3T
    Under this contract, Trinity3 offers a complete line of custom configured name brand, new and recertified Chromebooks, laptops and desktops to the K-12 Education marketplace. The company also offers printers and multi-function devices. In addition to these products, Trinty3 also offers deployment and maintenance services for all of the devices provided.
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    Member Benefits

    • 5% discount off list price for all manufacturers for remanufactured and new technology
    • 15% discount on new Lexmark single and multi-function print devices.
    • Warranty and maintenance support discounts
    • Volume discounts available

    How to Order
    Contact Jim Mattson (855-862-5120 - toll free | 651-888-7922 x1049 | jim@trinity3.com) to learn more about the products and services available.
    Remember to ask for Contract # 19.5 – T3T

    Company Profile
    Sixteen industry professionals formed Trinity3 in 2014. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Trinity3 has more than 90 employees. It prides itself on providing the best in class technology and services for students and staff. Trinity3 is uniquely equipped to handle any size project. From 1 to 20,000 devices, it has the facilities and personnel to service you. Customer retention is a hallmark of Trinity3's success over the past 5 years. Their motto is simply, with Trinity3, it's personal.

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