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    Contract # AEPA 020-C
    Bio Corporation has a wide variety of preserved specimens*, from a tiny spider to a large shark. Cover your lab for mammals with dissection of fetal pigs, mink, rabbits, rats, or cats.
    Need a specimen for marine biology**? We have sting ray, anemone, sea cucumbers, horseshoe crabs, squid, jelly fish, sharks and more.
    Worms, frogs and owl pellets are best sellers for middle schools. These specimens are of good size but not too large to overwhelm students. Even for their size the dissection is fascinating.
    We offer larger organs*** for the study of anatomy. Cow hearts are amazing! We carry organs from cow, pig, sheep and turkey. Injected organs include the pig and cow kidneys and sheep hearts. Compare between the different specimens or compare a full size to an embryo size.
    Please visit www.biologyproducts.com to browse other products such as reference material, models, displays, charts, gloves and more.

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    How To Order
    To take advantage of CPC – AEPA pricing, please reference MN-020-C when contacting our customer service.
    Becky Hedstrom | 800-222-9094 | info@biologyproducts.com | fax: 800-332-9094

    *You can select either a plain preserved or an injected specimen -- injected specimens highlight the different arteries and veins.
    ** The sharks will be the only marine specimen that will have injections.
    *** Organs are obtained from full size animals.

    Company Profile
    Supplying quality dissection specimens since 1991.
    Bio Corporation is a family owned/operated US company. Our goal is to provide you with a superior-quality preserved specimens at the lowest price when you need it! With each dissection, we want our customers - and your students - to have an exciting and pleasant learning experience.

    Bio Corporation is based in Alexandria, MN.

     Bio Corporation