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    The Motz Group offers synthetic turf for sports fields and environmentally friendly infill options.

    The Motz Group - Fairfield High School

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    Sarah Shewmaker - Marketing Manager - sshewmaker@themotzgroup.com
    Zach Burns - President - zburns@themotzgroup.com 
    You can reach either contact at: 800-871-3992

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    Contact Sarah Shewmaker, Marketing Manager | 800-871-3992 | sshewmaker@themotzgroup.com

    Company Profile
    For over 40 years, The Motz Group has been committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every sports platform we create. We are synthetic turf specialists, focusing on sports field design, construction, removal, replacement, maintenance and management. We’ve made our name designing innovative and comprehensive performance-based sports field systems, tailored to our customer’s specific needs. We build fields from inception to completion with pride, dignity, and the utmost integrity. With quality craftsmanship and proven safety in mind, Motz is committed to our customers from groundbreaking to replacement, guiding you every step of the way. As a dedicated partner of the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), we understand our surfaces leave a significant impression for years to come. If selected, Motz will construct a solid platform that will further build your facility’s sports legacy, along with our own. We take our commitment seriously and you can count on us to deliver a win. Learn more at themotzgroup.com

    Portfolio: https://themotzgroup.com/projects/