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    Contract #s F20-SSM; F20-SML
    SWANK holds two contracts with CPC. One contract is for K-12 streaming for educational purposes. The second contract is for licensed streaming for non-educational purposes.

    Account Team Contact
    Corey Goellner, Copyright Licensing Manager | 877-321-1300 toll free | cgoellner@swankmp.com

    Contract # F20-SSM
    Academic streaming platform to allow teachers to incorporate high-quality films into lesson plans

    Swank K-12 Streaming
      Swank K-12 Streaming is a convenient and controlled streaming platform that makes it easy for teachers to incorporate films into lesson plans. The library includes access to thousands of feature films, documentaries and foreign films for teachers to use for educational support.
      The content is curated specifically for educators based on movies they need for lessons, and provides access both inside the classroom or for assignments outside of the classroom. Browse one of the curated collections here: https://swank.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/4ff35Rttaf85EJANmDnJZp 

    Member Benefits
    As a school, you will receive up to a 33% discount off standard pricing.  As a district, you will receive up to 33% more custom title requests.
      Visit https://www.swank.com/k-12-streaming/cpc/ to learn more.

    Products Available - K-12 Streaming


    Part Number

    Annual Quote


    $539.00 | Curated Collection + 25 Add-on Titles


    $808.50 | Curated Collection + 30 Add-on Titles


    $1,078.00 | Curated Collection + 30 Add-on Titles


    $2,156.00 | Curated Collection + 60 Add-on Titles


    $2,695.00 | Curated Collection + 60 Add-on Titles


    Part Number Annual Quote
    K12-Streaming-District-10000 $1.08/student
    Curated Collection + 10 Requests/Building
    K12-Streaming-District-19999 $1.02/student
    Curated Collection + 10 Requests/Building
    K12-Streaming-District-49999 $0.97/student
    Curated Collection + 10 Requests/Building
    K12-Streaming-District-99999 $0.91/student
    Curated Collection + 300 Title Requests
    K12-Streaming-District-Over-100000 $0.86/student
    Curated Collection + 350 Title Requests

    Contract # F20-SML
    School compliant movie licensing (indoor)

    Swank Movie Licensing USA
      Swank Movie Licensing USA® provides Public Performance Site Licensing to K-12 schools on behalf of the major Hollywood motion picture studios. In addition to providing peace of mind, this license ensures that the legal requirement is met when movies are used in schools.
      A movie license is required anytime a school shows a movie outside of educational purposes such as: Family Movie Nights / Fundraising Events, Before/ After Care, Student Rewards / Incentives, Indoor Recess / Holidays, Summer Camps, or Staffing Emergencies.

    Member Benefits
    Each school will receive a discounted CPC member rate of $495. The average savings per school is $100, up to $300 per school.

    Company Profile
      Swank Motion Pictures has been licensing & distributing film since 1937. Driven by longstanding partnerships with the best studios in the world, we bring more movies and TV shows to more people in more places than anyone else.
      Swank Motion Pictures license and distribute content to non-theatrical markets like worldwide cruise lines, U.S. colleges and universities, K-12 public schools and libraries, hospitals, motor coaches, Amtrak trains, correctional facilities and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses.
      Visit https://www.swank.com/k-12-streaming/cpc/ to learn more.