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    Contract #020-A
    Sprinturf offers synthetic sport and landscape turf, track equipment, and supplies

    Multipurpose Fields

    Member Benefits
    11% off list price

    How to Order

    1. Reach out to your local sales consultant, Mat Steinberg | 320-493-9777 | msteinberg@sprinturf.com
    2. A Sprinturf sales consultant would then work to tailor the scope of work, product & offerings to the members needs.
    3. Once a proposal is agreed upon, the member or Sprinturf (depending on the members choice) would draft a contract that each party would agree to and sign.

    Account Team Contact
    Mat Steinberg | 320-493-9777 | msteinberg@sprinturf.com

    Company Profile
    Sprinturf, one of the original three artificial turf companies, is the first fully integrated polyethylene turf company in North America. Sprinturf is also the only company in North America that extrudes 100% of their fibers in-house and in America. Starting with the resin pellet and ending with the installed field, Sprinturf is a one-stop shop. Formed in 1998, Sprinturf has installed over 2,000 synthetic turf fields throughout the United States.

    Baseball fields

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