• EqualLevel

    Contract # 21.6 - EQL

    Equal Level offers Procurement Marketplace Software as a Service

    Member Benefits

    • CPC contract pricing on a modular procure-to-pay private marketplace
    • Integration with financial systems utilizing existing workflows
    • One-stop shop marketplace - no need to log into multiple supplier sitess
    • Place order using PCard and/or purchase order
    • Search across your enabled approved suppliers, your specific pricing whether through Cooperative or Direct Bid
    • ELSA in cart savings advisor recommends exact and substitute matches from pre-approved enabled suppliers
    • Intuitive UI is easy to learn

    Account Team Contact

    • Eric Gould,  egould@equallevel.com
    • Orville Bailey, CEO and Founder, obailey@equallevel.com

    How to Order
    Contact egould@equallevel.com to find out more and get a demonstration of the product and answer specific questions you may have.

    Company Profile
    The EqualLevel marketplace is a one-stop-shop marketplace so district staff can search across multiple approved supplier catalogs to maximize cost savings at contract pricing.  Each marketplace also includes a quick Quote tool allowing staff to submit a request for quote and receive responses online, award and convert to a shopping cart for order processing. EqualLevel integrates into the district's financial system to utilize existing approval processes already in place, integrates at key touchpoints to financial systems with approval workflows configured within the marketplace, as well as operates as a standalone solution.  Additionally, purchase orders are electronically transmitted to the supplier, orders can be received, and invoices matched to streamline the process. Purchases can also be made with PCards. EqualLevel offers state of the art Artificial Technology allowing for in cart price comparison across marketplace search-enabled supplier catalogs with ELSA - with reports that show savings realized. Optional offerings also include Invoice Management as well as Guided Buying.