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    Contract # AEPA 021-G 

    Emergency Notification Solutions

    • Direct to the radio (two-way) 
    • Notification within seconds
    • Enterprise solution on standalone 900MHZ; wireless, no conduit involved 
    • Broadcast methods: PA integration, radio, phone, text/email, message board (Avigilon), PCA Alert (computer popup through the network) 

    Indoor Automatic Gunshot Detection

    • 2-factor authentication (air pressure, sound escalation spike) 
    • Location of shots fired with given alert 

    Panic Buttons/Staff Duress

    • Portable or fixed location 
    • Exact location given with fixed buttons 
    • In court systems, schools, hospitals and more nationwide

    Exit/Entry Monitoring

    • Propped Door Alerting 
    • Door Open/Closed Alerting 

    Platform Features 

    • Wireless solutions 
    • Networked solutions 
    • Scalability  

    Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Scanners

    • Has face mask detection 
    • Other features available; can integrate with access control 
    • Centralized monitoring of scanners 
    • HIPPA certified, NDAA compliant
    • Customizable; alert, notification, etc.
    • CARES Act funding eligible 

    CMCE-120 Lightning Suppressor - Stops Lightning Before it Forms

    • Installed 6ft. above the highest point of the area it is protecting 
    • Creates a camouflage from the passing storm 
    • Added layer of protection; not to replace current regulations 
    • 8,000+ installations worldwide

    Member Benefits

    5-7.75% off list price, depending on the manufacturer

    Account Team Contact

    Product Inquiries and Orders
    Wendy Justice | 317-220-2318 | wjustice@capitolelectronics.com

    Billing and Invoice
    Leslie Caulk | 317-839-7337 | lcaulk@capitolelectronics.com

    How to Order
    To order, please contact Wendy Justice by phone at 317-220-2318 or by email at wjustice@capitolelectronics.com 

    Company Profile
    Capitol Electronics Inc (CEI) is an independent manufacturer’s representative firm established in 1987 serving the Public Safety, Emergency Management, Education, Municipal and other markets. Product offerings are continually updated to reflect the needs of their customers, the communities in which we live, and the spaces where we work and play. By utilizing the evolution of technology, CEI helps to create safer communities and workspaces. CEI’s products specific to the Security Solutions category include emergency notification systems, non-contact thermal temperature scanners, lightning suppression technology and virus/pathogen eliminating technology