• Flaghouse

    Contract # AEPA 023-D; AEPA 023-G
    FlagHouse offers athletic equipment; and school and instructional supplies.

    Member Benefits
    Discount varies by volume

    CPC members can expect high-quality customer service and sales experience, support from a dedicated team, and white-glove service.

    Account Team Contact
    Mike Halloway at 800.793.7900 (ext. 7613) | mhalloway@flaghouse.com

    How to Order
    Contact Mike Halloway at 800.793.7900 (ext. 7613)
    Be sure to mention code AEPA20 to receive contract pricing

    Company Profile
    FlagHouse is a premier global source of quality equipment and programs serving physical education, recreation, special needs therapies and education. We provide resources that enable physical activity, learning and play—to make the world more accessible and rewarding for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

    Throughout its 65 year history, FlagHouse has met the needs of members, servicing thousands of institutional customers in education, government, healthcare and recreation sectors. We have been dedicated to enriching the quality of life for all people, with a wide range of equipment and programs to be active, play, learn, and enjoy life fully.