• Auto Plus

    Contract # EQ-101519-04A
    Auto Plus offers automotive parts, tires, tools, and equipment.

    Member Benefits

    • Access to a full-line of high-quality, heavy-duty, and fleet-grade severe duty automotive parts, tires, tools, and equipment that meet or exceed OEM specifications.
    • A large geographic footprint with more than 600 locations nationwide, 20+ distribution centers and well-established relationships with more than 1,100 automotive parts vendors.
    • Discounts up to 78% off list price.
    • Extensive IT capabilities including direct system integrations with manufacturers and fleet-specific parts lookup.

    Company Profile
    Auto Plus is a leading automotive aftermarket parts distributor in the United States. A trusted partner to its customer family, Auto Plus maintains one of the largest and most extensive catalogs of name-brand and trade-trusted parts throughout the industry.

    With a skilled team of seasoned professionals leveraging decades of proven automotive industry experience, the Auto Plus team knows how to help your business run more smoothly to celebrate more day-to-day wins. Its technology platform provides a real competitive advantage to its wholesale and retail distributors. Auto Plus’s values fuel its success… integrity through accountability, passion for world-class customer service, and pride in its commitment to its team and to a clean, safe environment.

    Contract Info
    Cooperative Name: Equalis Group
    Cooperative Contract Number: EQ-101519-04A
    Lead Agency: Region 10 ESC
    Website URL: https://equalisgroup.org/2021/01/12/auto-plus-eq-101519-04a/