Contract # AEPA 022-A
    Premier Furniture + Equipment Powered by Meteor Education offers furniture; project management, installation, and learning services.

    Member Benefits

    • Access to 43 vendors
    • Volume discount available at time of quote
    • Free basic design package with purchase of furniture
    • project management, installation, and learning services available
    • Meteor Education’s best contract pricing available

    Account Team Contacts
    Corey McMillan | 605-215-7584 | coreym@fepremier.com

    How to Order
    New customers:
    Contact your account manager to create an account with Premier Education,

    All customers:
    Consult with your account manager when you are thinking about a new furniture project and to secure a quote, and email your quote and PO to rogerj@fepremier.com to transact.

    Please reference CPC on your quote and PO.

    Company Profile
    Meteor Education’s team of educational consultants, learning environment designers and industry experts help communities create transformational learning experiences. Through purposeful design we effectively combine methods, tools and environments in a way that empowers teacher-student and student-to-student relationships. The end result is an increase in student engagement, capacity and overall achievement.