• Premier Lighting

    Contract # 24.5-PLI
    Premier Lighting supplies high quality commercial grade lighting products and services including:

    • Turn-Key Lighting Retrofits
    • Rebate and Grant Processing/Fulfillment
    • Lighting Design
    • Lighting Photometrics/Layouts
    • Lighting Energy Studies
    • Installation and Maintenance
    • LED Tubes
    • LED Bulbs
    • LED Fixtures
    • Lighting Controls

    Classroom Lighting

    Member Benefits

    1. Discounted pricing on both traditional and LED lighting products from reputable manufacturers.
    2. Processing of all available rebates or grants.
    3. Lighting audit and design services at a discounted rate
    4. Quick delivery and response time to inquiries
    5. Professional installation services at a discounted rate

    How To Order
    For lighting supply orders: Email: sales@premierltg.com or call 651-490-0886 and reference Contract #24.5-PLI

    For retrofit or lighting upgrades please contact Greg Ehrich: greg@premierltg.com or 651-398-7657

    Company Profile
    For over 30 years, Premier Lighting has provided high-quality, commercial-grade lighting products and installation. We supply everything you need for lighting, from legacy bulbs and ballasts to LED tubes, bulbs, fixtures, and controls. In addition, we are an innovative lighting retrofit company that offers a turn-key service including any applicable rebates and grants. We provide our customers with the optimal and practical lighting solution for their facility.