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    FMX offers a computerized maintenance management system - purpose-built solutions for facilities, maintenance, and operations, including:

    Capital Forecasting
    Use Capital Forecasting Reports to anticipate equipment upgrades and replacements, manage district budgets, back up future investments, and maximize equipment lifespans.

    Facilities Management
    Streamline district operations across multiple departments and teams with auto-routing, preventive maintenance, fleet management, work order management, and more.

    Maintenance Management
    Schedule work orders and preventive maintenance tasks, track assets, and use data-driven insights to improve school operations.

    Inventory Management
    Manage your school supplies and assets by tracking inventory levels, location, requested units, and purchase information, all at a glance. To ensure you stay on the right track, set alerts for low inventory levels and submit supply requests and purchase orders.

    Event Scheduling
    Coordinate events seamlessly for students, staff, and the community. Collect rental payments online, integrate with your district's Athletic Scheduling software, and integrate with your school's BAS system or adjust temperature and lighting based on event times.

    Sensor Alerts
    Detect equipment issues with water, temperature, humidity sensors with continuous, 24/7 sensor-based alerts. Get notified of issues and automatically generate a work order to resolve the problem right away.

    Use reporting dashboards gain valuable insight
    View labor reporting, work order trends, equipment and inventory metrics, and plan capital expenditure budgeting to maximize your school's investments and also:

    • Capital forecast reports
    • Equipment maintenance summary reports
    • Comprehensive costs reports
    • Inventory usage summary reports
    • Comprehensive operations reports
    • Invoices summary reports
    • Team performance reports
    • Work summary dashboard reports

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    Member Benefits
    All new FMX customers will receive a 10% discount.

    How to Order
    Contact John Bailey | 757-592-3742 | john.bailey@gofmx.com to begin the process.

    Account Team Contact
    John Bailey | 757-592-3742 | john.bailey@gofmx.com

    Company Profile
    Why FMX?

    • FMX is an all-in-one system. Comprehensive reporting data helps you support capital investments, maximize energy usage, and shift into proactive work, all from a singular interface.
    • Our software was designed specifically for schools. Whatever your school or district's pain points, we've been there before and we know how to help. We also serve Higher Ed and Municipalities.
    • We can help you reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Extensive tracking and reporting capabilities give you the upper hand. Use capital planning insights to make informed decisions about staffing, equipment purchases, and facility improvements.

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