• Daktronics
    Contract # 020-F
    Daktronics is recognized worldwide as the leading designer and manufacturer of scoreboards, video displays, electronic message centers, pool timing systems, outdoor stadium sound systems, and rigging for arenas and theatres. The publicly-traded company specializes in total system integration for all levels of play, from schools and city park and recreation facilities to the Major Leagues.

    For more information about our product offering visit their website www.daktronics.com.

    Member Benefits
    Members receive at least a 10% discount on most catalog items.

    Account Team Contact
    Kyle Kraemer | 605-695-6666 | kyle.kraemer@daktronics.com

    How to Order
    Contact your sales representative listed above to request a quote or to place an order.

    To receive your discount, you must inform Daktronics you are a member of a Service Cooperative. Do not hesitate to contact your local Cooperative toll-free at 888-739-3289 for assistance in receiving your discount.