• Tremco

    Contract # AEPA 021-D
    Tremco delivers unique facility asset management solutions designed to reduce your roofing and building envelope life-cycle costs and provide budget predictability while extending overall performance. Tremco offers a wide range of roofing and building envelope products and solutions under the contract.

    How to Order
    For more information about the products and services available through Tremco, contact your sales representative listed below. 

    Connect With Your Account Team
    Nick Hixson

    Ryan Palmer 
    Senior Field Representative 

    Member Benefits

    • The contract has been nationally bid and locally awarded in accordance with the procurement code which eliminates the need for public agencies to conduct their own bids
    • Eliminate duplication and expense of bid process
    • Allows for material only and full turn-key process (labor and materials)
    • Expedite the purchase/installation of roofing and building envelope solutions
    • Not-to-exceed line item pricing subject to any additional site specific savings
    • "Best in class” local and certified subcontractors
    • Includes full-time job site inspection and safety plans
    • No unforeseen change orders
    • Warranty applies to the entire system including labor—from the deck up
    • Specification development
    • Material only discount of 13.4%