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    Schoolwires, Inc. provides a suite of technology products and related services to more than 1,600 educational entities, including K-12 school districts and schools in the United States and China. The company’s technologies are designed to foster community, student, teacher and parent engagement in the classroom, locally and internationally. Its solutions include Centricity2™, an integrated website and content management system, a safe social learning and networking system, and an enterprise technology platform. Schoolwires brings together a district’s essential technologies, information, and content to effectively engage the K-12 community in support of district and student success. The company currently serves an estimated 10 million users and has been recognized as one of the top privately held education companies for the sixth consecutive year by Inc. magazine. Schoolwires was incorporated on April 5, 2000 and is headquartered in State College, PA with offices in Beijing, China. 

    Visit schoolwires.com for more information about the Centricity2™ Content and Website Management solution for K-12 School Districts.


    Centricity2 is a website and content management system that brings together all your essential technologies, tools and information in one place.  As your district advances and you need new technologies, Centricity2 and its integration capabilities will grow along with you. 

    Centricity2 makes it easier than ever to engage all the members of your community with group management capabilities, mobile device support, and a suite of Web 2.0 tools. Centricity2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with all your compatible systems, data and third-party applications, so you can extend the functionality to meet your needs. Centricity2 is simple to learn and use, making it easy for all users in your district to adopt your technologies.

    Read more about a district that understands the potential of technology to support student and district success. The district was recognized for two consecutive years by the Center of Digital Education as a technologically advanced small school district. In 2012, the district’s website was an Award of Honor Winner in the 2012 PenSPRA “Excellence in Education Communication” contest. The foundation of the district’s technology program is the Schoolwires® Centricity2™ website and CMS. 

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    30% discount provided on software and hosting, 10% discount on professional services (template designs, etc.)

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