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    Company Profile

    Interior Systems Inc (ISI) is changing the face of school dining.

    ISI's primary business is restaurants, who they've been serving for over 30 years.  ISI is McDonald’s largest supplier dining area interiors, along with being a major supplier to Yum brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and many other brands), CKE (Hardees, Carl’s Jr), Applebee’s, IHOP, Famous Dave’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Burger King (among others).  In addition, ISI's retail group provides store interiors for Kohler, Harley Davidson, and Trek Bike dealers, among others.                 

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    ISI applies the same design and furnishing concepts to schools as we have learned and used in these highly successful restaurants.  These restaurants know what the customers want, and a comfortable, attractive environment is what the students look for.  ISI transfers their restaurant experience to schools, making the dining space centerpiece and showplace of the school. School food services are really a restaurant business within the school.  Both have break even points, largely based on the number of breakfast and lunches they serve.  Serve too few and a loss occurs,improving the quantities of meals served can create handsome profits.  By transforming the school dining area to the kind of place that the students love to come to and stay at, we improve the school food service profitability.   
    ISI has completed well over 800 major transformations in schools already, not including hundreds of simple and inexpensive improvements.  ISI is by far the largest and best supplier in attractive and efficient food-court style dining areas.  ISI also serves all other areas of schools where attractive and comfortable environments are desired,include hallways, media centers, lounges, entryways, offices, athletic areas and libraries. 

    ISI’s main office is located in Milwaukee, WI, and our factory is located in Fond du Lac, Wi.
    Top 100 Sensational Transformations                                  

    Member Benefits

    NDESC’s members save time and money using the new ISI/NDESC contract.  NDESC’s buying scope provides dramatic discounts.  And schools won’t have to endure the expense and hassle of the traditional bid process. 

    While many school suppliers provide product and services that are “budgetary drains”, ISI provides improved return on investment and revenues for the school’s largest potential profit producer, school food service.  ISI can operate as a design/build, turn key supplier, including shipping and installation.  ISI can also operate as an ala carte supplier.  For example, if a school or architect prefers to develop the design themselves, ISI can operate as a component-only supplier.

    For schools that want to create a new, exciting look but don’t know how to design or execute it, ISI is the solution (we do this every day).  ISI’s growth and success is predicated on providing solutions and satisfaction.

    How to Order

    For more information, please contact Joe Gervase below. ISI works with local dealers to consult and assist in the process.

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    Interior Systems, Inc. Contact:
    Joe Gervase
    Regional Brand Manager/Education

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    This contract was established through a Request for Proposal which was competitively solicited, reviewed
    and awarded by AEPA. It was done in accordance with the ND Century Code and allows North Dakota
    members to purchase products from the contract without bidding.
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    This information is available to any individual service cooperative member upon request by contacting Lisa Truax at 866.337.2005 or at info@purchasingconnection.org.