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    Company Profile
    High Impact in High-Tech Education
    Brodhead Garrett offers more than 47,000 quality classroom Career & Technical education products, supplies, equipment, and services to help you engage and inspire your technical education students. You can look to us for the latest solutions and innovative exclusives, like our newest product lines to support career clusters and interactive trainers, making it easy for you to provide students with a quality, hands-on learning experience.
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    Member Benefits
    35% discount (off List Price) on all in-stock items in the Brodhead Garrett catalog

    FREE shipping on orders over $49.00 list price. Orders under $49.00 carry a $9.95 shipping charge.
    How To Order

    Please reference contract  on your order to ensure you receive the appropriate discounts.  Email or fax a completed requisition form or purchase order to your sales representative listed below. 


    Account Team Contacts

    Districts with more than 600 students:
    Curt Nix | 360-483-4048 | curtis.nix@schoolspecialty.com

    Districts with less than 600 students:
    Burt Romney | 360-483-4013 | burton.romney@schoolspecialty.com


    Bid Documents


    AEPA This contract was established through a Request for Proposal which was competitively solicited, reviewed and awarded by AEPA. It allows North Dakota members to purchase products from the contract without bidding. 
    Due Diligence Documents
    Affidavit of Advertisement
    Request For Proposal (RFP)
    Bidders’ Responses

    This information is available to any individual service cooperative member upon request by contacting Lisa Truax at 866.337.2005 or at