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    Contract #018.5-B


    Midwest Technology Products is a woman-owned business that specializes in STEM products as well as Industrial Arts, Vocational and Technology equipment and supplies. All products are available on the Express including:

    • STEM
    • Abrasives and finishing
    • Hardware and fasteners
    • Automotive
    • Safety products
    • Small engines
    • Welding and foundry
    • Woodworking and metalworking
    Member Benefits

    Members receive a 10% discount and free shipping on catalog items.  
    How To Order

    Order on Express at www.cpcexpress.org
    Or, contact your account representative and ask for pricing through #AEPA 018.5-B
    Connect with Your Account Team

    Midwest Technology Contact:

    Sarah Cruz
    800.831.5904 x3120