• School Health
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    Contract # AEPA 022-B
    School Health is a national, full-service provider of health and nursing supplies and services and emergency response products as well as: sports medicine, special education and early childhood. It serves health professionals in educational settings from pre-school to college. Employees collaborate with customers and are an advocate for the health and wellness of those entrusted in their care. They maintain integrity in each of their interactions by always keeping the company's mission and value statements in mind.

    Member Benefits
    Members receive the following benefits:
    13% discount on:

    • Health and First Aid Supplies
    • Sports Medicine
    • Special Education
    • Early Childhood 
    • Free shipping on orders of $125 or more 

    Account Team Contact

    Danita Jones | 630-339-7946 | djones@schoolhealth.com

    How to Order


    On Express

    • If you’re on www.purchasingconnection.org – log in or register for the Express online marketplace on the right-hand side of the page
    • If you’re logged in on Express – go to the upper right hand corner of the page and click “Search Catalog” to start shopping or click “Shop on supplier site” to shop from School Health's website.
    • If your school uses SMART or Skyward, Express might already be a vendor for your school or could be added as a vendor. For more information, click here.

    Order by Fax at 800-235-1305

    Order by Phone at 866- 323-5465

    When placing phone or fax orders make sure you use your reference code: 3059675