• Contract # AEPA 024-C
    The OrganWise Guys offers year-round nutrition and healthy living content available on an easy-to-access digital platform for all teachers, students, and parents. To complement this online platform, we also offer an accompanying set of physical materials including optional student activity books.

    Member Benefits
    20-50% discounts are offered on specified items.

    How to Order
    Several options:

    Account Team Contact

    800-786-1730 | customerservice@organwiseguys.com

    Company Profile
    The OrganWise Guys Incorporated is dedicated to empowering children to be healthy and smart from the inside out. This unique, research-tested program includes The OrganWise Guys® characters that establish a connection point of engagement with children. Their curriculum-linked, peer-reviewed programming provides a prep-free solution for educators who want to improve their students’ health and academic performance using a robust, easy-to-use digital platform as well as physical resources.

    Contract Offerings
    Instructional/Classroom Content, Library/Media Resources (library books, classroom literature, and workbooks/consumables), Digital/Print Textbooks as well as Online Professional Development & Training Resources.