•  SwedeBro

    Contract # 21.16-SWB
    SwedeBro offers a quality line of resinous (epoxy) concrete flooring systems that are stain, slip and chemical resistant and can serve multiple high and low traffic areas in various market segments. Products and installation services are available at consortium level discounted pricing.

    Member Benefits

    • 10% discount on materials and installation services
    • Complimentary design services for planning and budgeting, including site visits at no charge
    • Free quotes on upcoming projects

    Account Team Contact
    Cory Olson | 763-434-9237 | colson@swedebro.com

    Company Profile

    SwedeBro is an epoxy floor coatings contractor specializing in concrete coatings and concrete resurfacing. They apply resinous floor coating systems, metallic epoxies, urethane cements, concrete stains, cementitious over-lays, moisture mitigation systems, pedestrian and traffic coatings.

    Visit SwedeBro’s website at www.swedebro.com for photos and information.

    SwedeBro's systems can improve educational facilities:

    • Auditorium floors
    • Cafeteria and kitchen floors
    • Classroom floors
    • Hallway floors
    • Locker room floors
    • Maintenance area and bus garage floors
    • Pool decks
    • Restroom floors
    • Sidewalks
    • Shower floors

    SwedeBro's systems can improve governmental agencies:

    • Community room floors
    • Fire, police and EMT station floors
    • Jail floors
    • Locker room and restroom floors
    • Municipal golf course sidewalks
    • Park facility and office floors
    • Parking decks/ramps
    • Pool decks indoors/outdoors
    • Public works buildings
    • Restroom floors
    • Sidewalks

    SwedeBro’s systems can improve hospital & medical facilities:

    • Clean room floors
    • Hallways
    • Laboratory room floors
    • Operating room floors
    • Parking ramps/decks
    • Patient room floors
    • Restroom floors
    • Sidewalks

    The systems produce a seamless coating which can be enhanced with color, vinyl chips, metallic additives and various types of staining. Some of the effects can be quite stunning by producing a mottle "one of a kind" look giving each floor its own appearance.