• Contract # 24.5-RLD
    Retrofit Lighting & Design, a division of The Retrofit Companies, Inc. (TRC), offers participating agencies in North Dakota lighting services and solutions at discounted pricing.

    Andover Community Center

    TRC is your source for the following lighting related services:

    • Concept to Completion Turn-Key Lighting Implementation
    • Lighting Retrofits
    • Lighting Design
    • Lighting Energy Studies
    • LED Lighting
    • Lighting Controls
    • Energy Efficiency Upgrades
    • Lighting Photometrics and Layouts
    • Lighting Project Implementation
    • Rebate Fulfillment
    • Old Lighting Technology Recycling

    Member Benefits
    Members requesting the CPC contract receive the following benefits:

    • Discount custom lighting & design services
    • Quick response time and high-quality personal services
    • LC, CLMC, and CLEP certified lighting experts
    • Turn-Key Services: One call puts members in touch with one vendor that handles your lighting project from start to finish.
    • Lighting Energy Studies

    How to Order
    Contact your sales representative at Retrofit Lighting & Design to request a quote, schedule a meeting, or for other information regarding our lighting & design services.

    Jake Andrist | jandrist@retrofitcompanies.com | 507-363-0656

    Or submit a request online: https://retrofitcompanies.com/landing/consult-a-lighting-pro/ and reference Contract # 24.5-RLD

    Company Profile
    Retrofit Lighting & Design, a division of The Retrofit Companies, Inc., is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with over 31 years of experience working with schools, cities, counties, municipalities, and nonprofits. As a leading lighting contractor in the Midwest territory, we are committed to delivering efficient, professional, and experienced lighting services to our customers.

    Our goal is to empower educational institutions with sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions that enhance learning environments while reducing energy consumption.

    Additionally, in partnering with Retrofit Lighting & Design for your lighting needs, you will benefit from our many years of experience as CPC members, our specialized certifications including WOSB, DBE, CERT and TG, as well as our concept to completion turnkey implementation to deliver a stress-free customer experience.

    Simplifying the purchasing process is a win for everyone and we are pleased to meet the public bid requirements for North Dakota.