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    Contract AEPA 023-D (Instructional Catalog); AEPA 023-G (Sportime); and AEPA 022-A (Furniture)
    School Specialty has everything you need to inspire students of all ages and abilities to learn. School Specialty offers an amazing selection of instructional and classroom resources, from teachers' supplies to classroom furnishings and educational aids.

    Member Benefits
    35% discount off List Price from the following catalogs:

    • Arts and Crafts
    • Early Childhood
    • Furniture
    • Physical Education and Sports (Sportime)
    • School and office supplies
    • Science classroom furniture and supplies
    • Security 
    • Special Needs & Education

    14% discount on catalog furniture

    How to Order
    On Express


    • Email or fax a purchase order to your sales representative.
    • Refer to AEPA Contract #023-D on your catalog order to ensure you receive the appropriate discounts. (AEPA Contract #023-G for Sportime)
    • Refer to AEPA Contract #022-A for furniture orders

    Shipping Terms

    FREE SHIPPING on parcel item (prefix 9) orders over $69 (net).

    Otherwise, a $11.95 shipping fee will be added to your invoice.

    • Item prefix 5: $11.95 minimum or 20% charge based on (net) subtotal.
    • Item prefix 6: $99 minimum or 20% charge based on (net) subtotal

    **Live specimens (prefix L), hazardous materials (prefix H), and non-discountable items (prefix N) may incur additional charges. Please refer to www.schoolspecialty.com for more information.

    Account Team Contacts
    Matt Lewis | matt.lewis@schoolspecialty.com

    Learning Environment Specialist - furniture and safety needs:
    Leanna Resetich | 319-212-1388 | leanna.resetich@schoolspecialty.com  

    Customer Care | 1-888-388-3224 | customercare@schoolspecialty.com