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    Contract # AEPA 024-H
    Audio Enhancements offers sound systems including Classroom Audio, EPIC (Education Paging & Intercom Communications) System®, SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System®, and VIEWpath - an innovative classroom camera setup to record, store, and deliver lessons.

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    Up to 35% off list price

    How to Order
    Contact Emma Waschbush | 612-267-2770 | emma.waschbusch@audioenhancement.com.

    Note: Requests for quotes, or design of the EPIC System, SAFE System, or VIEWpath Solution require a minimum of one week to prepare.

    Quotes provided to the customer from Audio Enhancement will include all applicable services, freight, and tax, unless otherwise noted on the Quote document.  

    A tax exemption certificate will be required by Audio Enhancement in order to exclude applicable taxes from quotes, or orders.

    Please send all Purchase Orders to Orders@AudioEnhancement.com  Purchase Order must include the following:

    • Contract # AEPA 024-H
    • Each Product identified by Audio Enhancement part # and product description.
    • The quantity of each item being ordered.
    • The unit price of each item being ordered.
    • Accurate location for delivery.
    • Audio Enhancement Quote, or Quote # Provided.
    • The requested delivery date, allowing reasonable time for Audio Enhancement to receive, review, process the Purchase Order, and ship the Products

    For product/service pricing, please reach out to Emma Waschbush | 612-267-2770 | emma.waschbusch@audioenhancement.com.

    Account Team Contact
    Emma Waschbush | 612-267-2770 | emma.waschbusch@audioenhancement.com   

    Company Profile
    In 1978, Claudia Anderson needed a solution to an important problem: her two hard-of-hearing sons couldn’t hear their teachers. She wanted to maximize their learning and give them every educational opportunity they deserved. She designed a sound system for their classrooms, since a product was not available on the market at the time. What started out as an effort to help her own children quickly became something much bigger.

    As teachers used Audio Enhancement systems, they found that all students performed better with sound amplification. Scientific research has proven what those teachers discovered: when students can hear better, they learn better.

    Forty-five years later, Audio Enhancement has continued to develop industry-leading products that focus on the same goal that Claudia had from the start: maximize learning for every student. We're passionate about making classrooms more effective and giving every child the learning opportunities they deserve.

    Contract Offerings
    Audio-visual equipment, design, integration and installation for meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, council rooms, board rooms and related spaces.