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    Contract # EQ-052920-03B
    Idea Translations offers translation services.

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    Member Benefits

    • 20% discount from our regular commercial rates
    • No rush or emergency fees
    • Discounted minimum project fee of $20
    • No cost for certifications

    Account Team Contacts
    Sergio Atristain | 860-781-6377 | sergio@ideatranslations.com
    Laura Origon | 877-409-8460 |  laura@ideatranslations.com

    How to Order

    Contact Sergio Atristain or Laura Origon and include reference to Equalis/CPC contract.

    sergio@ideatranslations.com | 860-781-6377
    laura@ideatranslations.com | 877-409-8460

    Company Profile

    Since 2004, Idea Translations provides translation, interpretation, and content development services to organizations all over the United States and globally. We have an interdisciplinary team with experts in fields such as education, healthcare, eLearning, legal, IT, web and more.

    Contract Info
    Cooperative Name: Equalis Group
    Cooperative Contract Number: EQ-052920-03B
    Lead Agency: Region 10 ESC
    Website URL: https://equalisgroup.org/2021/04/08/idea_translations_eq-052920-03b/