• ChargePoint

    Contract # 2020.05.3-B
    ChargePoint offers electronic vehicle charging solutions.

    Member Benefits

    • The most complete set of charging solutions available today, including best-in-class Level 2 charging stations, network services, maintenance plans, and EV charging accessories.
    • Aggressive discount structure on Level 2 charging stations to support all commercial and fleet needs.
    • Turnkey solutions to design, implement, and maintain your EV charging stations. From site planning and installation to setup and ongoing care, when you choose ChargePoint, you‘re covered.
    • The largest installed EV charging network, with nationwide coverage to address your EV charging needs anywhere.

    Company Profile
    ChargePoint is committed to building a brighter future by building the fueling network to move all people and goods using electricity. It is the world’s leading and most open electric vehicle charging network provider and the first to earn ENERGY STAR© certification. ChargePoint’s fueling network has eliminated the release of over 300,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses and received recognition and accolades for its environmental achievements f rom the United Nations, Global Cleantech, and Acterra, amongst others.

    ChargePoint is solely focused on EV charging and leverages over a decade of operational experience to develop best-in-class charging solutions through innovation and the development of patented technologies. Since inception, ChargePoint has delivered 84.4 million charges (and counting). ChargePoint drivers have traveled over 2.5 million miles on the ChargePoint Network and saved more than 100 million gallons of gasoline.

    Contract Info
    Cooperative Name: Equalis Group
    Cooperative Contract Number: 2020.05.3-B
    Lead Agency: CCOG
    Website URL: https://equalisgroup.org/2021/01/20/chargepoint-2020-05-3-b-2/