Contract #18.4 - FDS

    Awarded vendor, Food Services of America (FSA) will make available to participating School Food Authorities (SFAs) the ability to supply a minimum of 75% of their child nutrition program.  FSA will provide contract pricing on all solicited market basket items. These services will be available to participating SFAs at consortium level discounted pricing.  All non-market basket items will follow the landed cost plus fixed fee (i.e. distribution fee) schedule as outlined in the Contract Agreement. Participating SFAs receive significant discounts on market basket products and can order on an "as needed" basis to reduce storage needs and increase product freshness. 

    Member Benefits

    • Access to a compliant, competitively solicited food service contract; contract meets both USDA and North Dakota Department of Public Instruction procurement requirements.
    • Access to one of the largest broad line food service distributors, serving customers throughout the Midwest.
    • Access to 350+ market basket products that have been deeply discounted through combined volume.
    • Access to the remaining K-12 catalog available through FSA.

    Looking to Join the Food Service Program?

    Schools that are interested in joining the food service program must complete the Request to Join form found below.  This request, once reviewed and approved NDESC will be submitted to FSA for review; FSA will determine if the school is able to be serviced.  Schools will be notified by NDESC of FSA’s decision within one to two weeks.  Participating SFAs that request, and are approved, to join the food service program must agree to purchase at a 75% level (excluding fresh bread and milk) or higher to receive cooperative pricing and benefits.

    Approved SFAs will be able to start the food service program on an annual basis:  July 1 or January 1.  All documentation will need to be submitted prior to those start dates.