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  • NDESC Vendors with COVID-19 Tests

    Posted by Mary Egstad on 2/7/2022

    Please contact vendors directly for additional information.

    Innovative Office Solutions
    Reference Contract #20.8-OFS

    Jeanne Thompson
    Customer Care

    AccessBio CareStart OTC Antigen Test [pdf] – Reserved for K-12 Schools only
    Pallet (4640 Packs of 2 Tests) - $89,320.00 ($9.65/test)
    1/2 Pallet (2320 Packs of 2 Tests) - $46,376.80 ($9.99/test)
    1/4 Pallet (1160 Packs of 2 Tests) - $23,188.40 ($9.99/test)

    Celltrion DiaTrust Ag OTC Test [pdf]
    Master Case = 60 Packs (2 tests per pack) - $1,225.00 ($10.21/test)
    By the Pack = 2 Tests per pack $24.00/pack ($12.00/test)

    School Health
    Reference Contract #018.5-C

    Danita Jones
    Account Manager

    Clarity COVID Antigen Rapid Test Cassettes [pdf]
    25 per box at $239.75/Box ($9.59/test)

    School Specialty
    Reference Contract #AEPA 018-D

    Call your School Specialty representative for a quote or to place an order.

    Robert Ostler | 920-243-5418 | robert.ostler@schoolspecialty.com
    Curt Nix | 360-483-4048 | curtis.nix@schoolspecialty.com

    AccessBio CareStart OTC Antigen Test [pdf]
    2 per box at $37.56/Box ($18.78/test)

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  • Saving A List, Saving Time

    Posted by Mary Juliot on 1/31/2019 2:00:00 PM

    New Year, New Shopping List

    Did you know you can build and share Shopping Lists on Express?

    We can show you how!

    Imagine the time you’ll save. Click here to view a how-to guide. Call us if you would like to schedule a training. If you would like to learn more about Cooperative Purchasing Connection or the Express online marketplace, contact us at info@purchasingconnection.org or 866-337-2005.

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  • Savings On Deck With CPC

    Posted by Mary Juliot on 1/28/2019 11:00:00 AM


    Fields of Dreams at a Discount

    Kids playing baseball

    Competition is the name of the game – good equipment and a quality field contribute to success; CPC contracts help you compete for best pricing:

    • Partac Peat provides materials and products for baseball, softball fields and golf courses.
    • Schutt Sports has batting helmets, bases, mouth guards and much more.
    • H & B Athletic Equipment offers a wide variety of sports equipment for outdoor and indoor sports.
    • School Health will meet your needs for sports medicine.

    CPC contracts are competitively solicited so if you’re looking for a big athletic upgrade like: gymnasium floor, new flooring by your pool or lockers, outdoor signage and sound systems, stadium seating, artificial turf or a track, CPC has already done the work for you. To see all of the Athletic contracts available for your use, click here.

    Thank you for supporting NDESC and CPC!

    If you would like to learn more about Cooperative Purchasing Connection or the Express, online marketplace, contact us at info@purchasingconnection.org or 866-337-2005.

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