Seating And Athletic Facility Enterprises, LLC  
    Alexandria, MN  
    Alexandria, MN 
    Contract #21.8 ALT
    SAAFE, LLC offers Interkal telescopic seating including indoor bleacher equipment, installation, maintenance and repair services. As a value add to this contract, SAAFE will also make available outdoor aluminum bleachers and I-Beam grandstands from Southern Bleacher Company and pre-fabricated press boxes from ProBuild, based in Osakis, Minnesota. These products and services will be provided at consortium level discounted pricing. 
    Account Team Contacts  
    Tim Tobin | 507-256-7604 | timatobin@aol.com
    How to Order
    •Request to use the CPC contract
    •Contact Tim Tobin
    Member Benefits
    •Pre-bid contract
    •Exclusive pricing for CPC members
    •Discounts vary by project
    •Delivery included in pricing 
    •Onsite assessment of existing conditions to ensure appropriate products are being purchased
    •Training to purchasing agency staff to ensure safe operation of bleachers and seating
    •Complete maintenance on all bleacher systems at a discounted rate for CPC members
    Company Profile
    Seating and Athletic Facility Enterprises is a family owned company based in Ellendale, Minnesota.