Contract #AEPA 018.5-C

    Partac Peat Corporation offers surfacing and field supplies for all types of sports fields. These supplies dress your fields, not your players! 

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    BEAM CLAY products include:

    • Infield Mixes
    • Mound clays
    • Home plate clay
    • Warning tracks
    • Infield conditioners

    Additional products available through this contract include:

    • Dry line marking materials and equipment
    • Foul poles
    • Rain Covers 
    • Windsreens
    • Backdrops
    • Backstop, wall, rail and post padding

    Member Benefits

    5% off catalog prices, plus shipping and handling

    How to Order

    For quotes, please send your requests to:


    Call 800-247-2326

    Fax 908-637-8421

    Contact Information

    Denise Pierce | denise@partac.com

    Company Profile

    Partac Peat Corporation is a family owned businees established in 1963. It is the manufacturer of the BEAM CLAY product line. This brand of infield materials has been recognized as the standard of excellence from bulk plants nationwide for baseball/softball infields for many years.