• Safe Step LLC

    Contract #24.4-SST
    Safe Step LLC offers sidewalk repair and trip hazard mitigation and concrete cutting services.

    Member Benefits

    • Free on-site demonstration and consultation
    • Locked in, members-only rate
    • Fast, easy ordering streamlines the purchase process

    How To Order

    • Contact 320-354-2100

    Company Profile
    Safe Step LLC is proud to be a local affiliate of Precision Concrete Cutting, the national leader in trip hazard management, specializing in evaluating and repairing uneven sidewalks.
    Our clients trust us to help them maintain safe sidewalks on their campuses and in their communities.
    Why do CPC members choose to work with us?

    They tell us we:

    • Save them time
    • Provide transparency
    • Increase sidewalk safety
    • Reduce complaints
    • Enable cost-effective decisions
    • Extend the life of their sidewalk infrastructure
    • Allow them to maintain control of the process
    • Help manage sidewalk maintenance across multiple sites

    We look forward to the opportunity to serve your sidewalk repair needs!