Company Profile

    Sportime, a division of School Specialty, provides highly innovative products that help educators enhance the physical development of K-12 students of all abilities while encouraging lifetime activity and fitness.

    Visit www.sportime.com to view their online catalog.

    Sportime also offers The SPARK Programs.  SPARK strives to improve the health of children, adolescents, and adults by disseminating evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving Pre-K through 12th grade students.

    Each SPARK Program provides a coordinated package of highly active curriculum, on-site staff development, extensive follow-up support, and expert selected, content-matched equipment.  

    Visit www.sparkpe.org for more information.  


    Member Benefits

    36% discount (off List Price) on all in-stock items.

    FREE shipping on orders over $49.00 list price. Orders under $49.00 list price carry a $9.95 shipping charge.


    How to Order

    Email or fax a completed requisition form or purchase order to your sales representative listed below.

    Refer to AEPA Contract # 081_Net_Con_11US_AEPA on your order to ensure you receive the appropriate discounts.

    Account Team Contacts
    Districts with more than 600 students:
    Curt Nix | 360-483-4048 | curtis.nix@schoolspecialty.com

    Districts with less than 600 students:
    Burt Romney | 360-483-4013 | burton.romney@schoolspecialty.com