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    Contract # 17.3 - ITS
    Tierney offers technology solutions to help teacher and student communication, collaboration and learning. Tierney has dedicated personnel with degrees and/or previous experience directly in the education field to implement technology that fits the curriculum, staff and budget needs. It’s more than putting tablets in the students’ hands, or installing the latest technology in the classroom. Integrating technology into education begins long before the first piece of hardware is purchased. Tierney experts will help you every step of the way.

    Integrated classroom technologies include: interactive touch displays, projectors, 3D printers, flex seating, VR (virtual reality), audio enhancements, mobile device and storage. Not to mention STEM products; bloxels, SamLabs, Wonder Workshop, Parrot drones, zSpace, and Lü playground.

    K-12 education technology is an exciting, growing field right now, one that Tierney is passionate to be part of and provide leadership in. They are dedicated to ensuring their customers’ needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

    Member Benefits

    • Discounts on products and services range from 2% - 48% off list price.
    • Free assessments and recommendations to determine the best solution.
    • Discounted design services and installation.
    • Discounted Tierney Edge Lifeline support services.
    • Extended warranties and volume discounts available.
    • A wide range of manufacturers from which to choose.

    Account Team Contact
    Michael Powell
    Phone 612-455-3694

    How To Order
    On Express

    • If you’re on www.purchasingconnection.org – log in or register for the Express online marketplace on the right-hand side of the page
    • If you’re logged in on Express – go to the upper right hand corner of the page and click “Search Catalog” to start shopping or click “Shop on supplier site” to shop from Tierney Brother's website.
    • If your school uses SMART or Skyward, Express might already be a vendor for your school or could be added as a vendor. For more information, click here.

    Contact Michael Powell | 612-455-3694 | michaelpowell@tierneybrothers.com. Please let him know you want to use CPC contract #17.3 - IST.