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    Just Right Reader promotes literacy as a universal skill by providing students and families with equitable, culturally relevant decodable books grounded in the Science of Reading. Through print text and digital tools, early readers build foundational reading skills in the core areas of early literacy.

    Member Benefits

    • 3% Discount on all Decodables
    • Free Samples
    • Webinars and In-Person Literacy/Science of Reading Symposiums

    Account Team Contact
    Julianne DeMartino, Business Development Manager
    P: 415-209-5869 or 877-415-READ
    Cell: 845-793-1185
    F: 415-480-8322

    How to Order
    Reference: Contract #AEPA 023-D
    Orders can be placed by emailing schools@justrightreader.com, fax 415-480-8322, phone 877-415-READ, or mail to Just Right Reader, Inc. 750 North Saint Paul St. Suite 250, PMB 98000 Dallas, TX 75201
    Members may also submit a Purchase Order on our website: https://justrightreader.com/pages/create-a-purchase-order
    Learn More: https://justrightreader.com/
    Request Sample Materials: https://justrightreader.com/pages/request-a-sample

    Company Profile
    Just Right Reader aims to provide decodables that provide leadership with support and meaningful engagement for families, parents, and communities, focusing on equity and excellence.

    We used scientific research to analyze and understand how kids learn to read. The research and concepts include the “Scarborough Reading Rope,” “The Active View of Reading,” “Mirrors, Windows, Sliding Glass Doors,” and “The Science of Reading.” The structure and design of our decodables emphasize repetition through various means to keep students engaged to learn the correct sets of skills to support foundational phonics skills and literacy using the Science of Reading. The result of these efforts is the high-quality, evidence-based Science of Reading decodables. What makes our decodables different is the research. We continuously work with literacy and phonics experts to ensure the research reflects the content students receive. We use feedback from literacy experts who evaluate our decodables, customers, and district leaders and make changes when necessary. Just Right Reader decodables are not a learning trend; they are intentionally curated tools that teach kids the core areas of reading in a fun and engaging way.

    Just Right Reader decodables empower students to experience equitable learning through culturally relevant, engaging texts, which induce a love of reading and an authentic sense of belonging in a global society. Additionally, our robust set of titles offers inclusive learning opportunities to students through fictional and informational text, proven to be the best way for students to learn to read. We have more than 450 titles in our library, and we’ve partnered with literacy experts Dr. Ray Reutzel, Ph.D., and Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer, who have endorsed our decodables, helped develop classroom routines for teachers, and ensured our decodables meet the criteria to support student success in reading! Just Right Reader decodables are used by school districts in 48 states in the U.S. and Canada.

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