• Affinitech

    Contract 23.3 - AFF
    Affinitech provides and supports all hardware, software, and support services relating to the following systems:

    • Access Control
    • IP Video Surveillance
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Digital Signage
    • Voice and Data Infrastructure
    • Emergency Communications
    • Paging
    • Weapons Detection
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Monitoring
    • Networking
    • Display
    • And more

    Member Benefits

    • Over 5,000 discounted items offered
    • Up to 35% discount applied to all products and services
    • Volume discounts available
    • Unlimited access to our design and engineering team
    • Access to our Support Services team for system troubleshooting and support.

    Account Team Contact
    Designated CPC contract specialist:
    Jenn Ribar | 612-787-8884 | jribar@affinitechinc.com

    How to Order
    Contact Jenn [612-787-8884 or jribar@affinitechinc.com] for a quote and reference contract #23.3 - AFF
    To learn more about Affinitech and what they offer, visit https://affinitechinc.com

    Company Profile
    Affinitech, a leading national technology systems integrator that builds world-class technology solutions that excite and engage, while ensuring safety, production, and success. From design to installation to maintenance, we handle every step of the process allowing for seamless, easy to use and operate while ensuring cost and budget are maintained. From business security systems and audio/video solutions to digital signage and professional services, our big picture vision, insight, and experience delivers custom solutions that benefit your business and customers.

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